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The Foundations of Dog Lifestyle Coaching

Whether you’re a long-time member or just now hearing about BAMK9, hello! And welcome to the new Long Beach Dog Culture. I’m Charlie, the Owner and Head Coach of Body and Mind K9. We’re proud to provide canine-centric dog training and dog walking services in the heart of Long Beach, California. BAMK9 was founded on a shared goal to enhance the relationship between owners and their dogs by embracing training as a Lifestyle. We utilize a balanced training method, focusing on building skills to help dogs and their owners thrive in everyday life.

There isn’t a Universal Approach to Dog Training

I was literally born into the dog industry. My mom owned a grooming shop since before I was born- as a toddler, you would often find me hanging out with the puppies. Thanks to my mom's life-long passion for animals, I was encouraged to explore my passion for them as well. (Which, to be honest, came naturally.)

I’ve always been drawn to understanding dog behavior and the intricate unspoken dynamics of their relationships with people and each other. Following this thirst for knowledge, I immersed myself in the world of all things dog training- devouring books, attending seminars, and seeking wisdom from seasoned trainers. Throughout this journey, it became evident to me that dog training is not merely a skill; it's a form of art—a language built on communication, trust, and love between humans and their canine companions.

I've had the privilege of training an array of dogs over the course of my career, each with their own distinctive personalities and needs. With each new dog I work with, I study their behaviors- weaving together information on what motivates them and utilizing this knowledge to develop my training for the next dog. Every dog I’ve ever worked with has taught me that there is no universal approach to dog training. It demands adaptability, empathy, and an understanding of the intricate dance that is the human-dog bond.

Through my work with dogs, I’ve unearthed a fundamental truth: successful dog training goes beyond teaching basic commands- a more holistic approach is needed. Or, as we like to call it, Lifestyle Coaching. Lifestyle Coaching considers the routines, behaviors, and needs of the owner and their K9 instead of focusing solely on learning commands. With Lifestyle Coaching, we foster a dynamic where owners are supported in providing an enriching life for their dogs.

The Four Foundations of Dog Lifestyle Coaching
1. Physical Activity

Regardless of a dog's breed or size, regular exercise is key to maintaining their physical health and reducing boredom. Daily walks, playtime, and structured training sessions are not only opportunities for exercise but also vital moments for building trust and strengthening the owner-dog connection.

2. Diet and Nutrition

Ensuring your dog receives a nutrient-balanced, diverse diet is essential for their longevity and well-being. Nutrition plays a vital role in shaping the behavior of dogs. With a decade of experience in the pet nutrition world, I've witnessed firsthand how diet impacts a dog's overall demeanor. When your dog feels their best, they are more likely to behave their best. Just as a human's diet affects their mood, energy levels, and overall well-being, the same goes for our dogs. A focus on nutrition is woven into the BAMK9 training approach, and we're always available to help you create the best meal plan for your dog.

3. Mental Stimulation

Dogs are inherently intelligent creatures, and mental stimulation is key to ensuring their cognitive and behavioral health thrives. Interactive toys, obedience training, and mentally engaging games are key to keeping your dog’s cognition sharp and alleviating behavioral issues that stem from boredom.

4. Emotional Well-being

Beyond the physical and mental aspects, the emotional well-being of a dog plays an equal role. A consistent routine, effective communication, and a loving, secure environment are essential to fostering emotional stability in dogs. Recognizing your dog's unique needs lays the foundation for a harmonious and joyful coexistence.

I built Body and Mind K9 on the understanding that dog training is more than tricks and commands, it’s truly a Lifestyle. Through BAMK9 Lifestyle Coaching, we empower our clients to cultivate an enriching life for their dogs and build a strong bond together.

If you're ready to create the new Long Beach Dog Culture- explore our services, stay connected with our team, and join us in making training a Lifestyle.

Peace, Love, and Pups,
Charlie DiBono
(Founder and Head Lifestyle Coach)

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