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Body and Mind K9 Founder Charlie and Assistant Manager Elena


Body and Mind K9 is a small local business and we appreciate your support! You may tip our BAM Walkers and Coaches (they receive 100% of your tips directly). If you'd like to make a cash gift to support our business, you may do so here or drop us a note!

Tip Our Staff

Jordan's QR code for tipping


Charlie's QR Code for Venmo tips



Your support is appreciated

100% of your cash gift goes towards purchases that improve our clients' and their dogs' experiences, like upgrading K9 Class tools, acquiring long leashes for BAM Walks, purchasing healthy, high quality training treats, and more.


Currently, our goal is to raise money to rent an indoor space for our colder and rainy SoCal months. 

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Help us make a difference


Thank you for your gift!

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