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We're proud to say that our customers and their pups love us!


Our coaching and walking services have received rave reviews, and we're excited to share them with you. Check out our testimonials to see why BAMK9 is the go-to for dog owners in Long Beach.


Arisai, Tyler, & Typhon

Since working with BAM K9 we have seen such an incredible transformation in our dog and we couldn’t be happier. From obedience to fitness and nutrition to sport work- Charlie is an amazing resource and trainer.

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ADriti & Kuma

I cannot tell you what a difference Charlie has made in our lives. He has completely transformed the relationship I have with my dog- not that it was bad before, but I didn’t even realize how good it could get! Both Kuma and I are more confident and happy because of him. Charlie is patient, kind, and gives practical, tailored advice that you can implement right away. Everyone needs a Charlie in their (and their dog’s) life!

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Nicole & Cody

I first met Charlie at an event in LA a little over a year ago and have been working with him ever since. Initially, it started out as doing some refresher training with my dog, Cody, but soon, we expanded to advanced off-leash and recall work. Charlie makes the lessons so much fun and helps you develop a stronger bond with your dog. He's so great to work with and you can tell how much he really cares for not only training the dog but also teaching the human on how to be a better advocate for their animal sidekick.

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Tricia & Blaze

Charlie & his team are some of the best around. He has been such a tremendous help with your rescue “lab mix” (FYI…Charlie was the first to point out that most likely our “lab mix” wasn’t a lab at all & he was RIGHT!)

Charlie has been so patient, calm, and understanding with our boy. It’s been a welcome relief in the world of owning a misunderstood dog (aka reactive dog).

I have, and will continue, to sing Charlie & his teams praises!

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